Taekwon-do and the Individual

 Students training is developed into various steps or grades starting at white belt (10th Kup) and progressing through 9 levels to 1st Degree Black Belt and then for the more determined there are a further 8 Dan grades rising to 9th Degree Grandmaster.

 The training process is very structured based on a set syllabus for each grade. Upon completing the syllabus for their current belt students will be invited to grade for the next belt. All students progress at their own rate and are encouraged and coached to achieve their own personal goals irrespective of age or abilities.

 Many students find starting a new Martial Art very intimidating especially the youngest and oldest participants and we strive to ensure that all their experiences are positive. Older adults often see the higher grades practicing and training and think they could never achieve the same level of ability and competence.

 “Remember, you can always do better than you think”! Unless you try you’ll never know. Black Belts were White Belts once. If they can do it, why not you?

 Taekwon-do Training syllabus

Taekwon-do training is made up of three main aspects, Patterns, Sparring and Destruction.


Patterns are the fundamental movements of Taekwon-do performed in sequences designed to mimic encounters with imaginary opponents. They start with very simple combinations and movements, and as Taekwon-do training progresses and skill levels develop, they become progressively more challenging, both technically and physically. Training in Patterns alone increases most participants fitness, flexibility, bone strength, muscle tone, co-ordination and above all self-confidence.


Sparring is an integral part of Taekwon-do training which most new students find daunting to start with. Be assured that all Sparring within our Schools is touch contact. Touch contact demonstrates skill far better than full contact. Students are fully supervised at all times but more so when sparring. School higher grades will spar with lower grades and are expected to coach lower grades at all times.

All sparring sessions are conducted using full protective equipment including Head Guard, Gum Shield, Groin Guard for men, Forearm Guards, Gloves, Shin Guards and Foot Guards. Sparring as with Patterns can be performed purely at club level for grading purposes or for the more adventurous the arena of Regional, National and even International Competitions beckons.


Destruction is the ultimate test of power. Power tests are conducted on pads, kick shields and / or moulded plastic boards. Breaking boards is optional and nobody is pressured into performing techniques they are unhappy with. Be reassured that we don’t have students spending hours punching buckets of gravel or sand. No one below the age of 16 is allowed to break the heavy duty re-formable boards. Juniors are only permitted to break junior boards with a parents permission.

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