To pass you grading you will have to demonstrate:

  • Moves and patterns from your previous gradings
  • Do San tul
  • Outer forearm middle block in L-stance
  • Straight fingertip thrust Release from a grab
  • Back fist side strike
  • Wedging block


  1. How many moves in Do-San?
  • 24
  1. Can you tell me anything about Do-San?
  • He wanted to further the education of Korea and the 24 moves show his entire life
  1. What does green belt signify?
  • Growth as Tae Kwon skills develop
  1. What is the Korean name for wedging block?
  • Hechyo makgi
  1. How many kicks do you know?
  • Three (you should be able to show what they are and know their English names)
  1. What is the Korean name for foot sword?
  • Balkal

Additional Theory

Interpretation of Do-San

  • Do-San is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Ch’ang Ho (1876-1938). The 24 movements represent his entire life, which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and its independent movement.

Green Belt signifies:

  • The plants growth as Tae Kwon Do skills begin to develop


  • Hechyo Makgi – Wedging Block
  • Kyocha Joomuk Makgi – X-Fist Block
  • Bakat Palmok Nopunde Makgi – Outer Forearm High Section Block
  • Sonkal Daebi Makgi – Knifehand Guarding Block
  • Hechyo Makgi – Wedging Block
  • Chookyo Makgi – Rising Block
  • Sun Sonkut Tulgi – Straight Fingertip Thrust
  • Japyo Sultae – Release from a grab
  • Sang Sewo Jirugi – Twin Vertical Punch
  • Yop Palkup Tulgi – Side Elbow Thrust
  • Ap Joomuk Bandae Jirugi – Forefist Reverse Punch
  • Sun Sonkut Tulgi – traight Finger Tip Thrust
  • Dung Joomuk Yop Taerigi – Backfist Side Strike
  • Doo Jirugi – Double Punch
  • Sonkal Yop Taerigi – Knifehand Side Strike
  • Yop-Chagi – Side Kick
  • Dollyo-Chagi – Turning Kick
  • Ap Cha Busigi – Front Snap Kick
  • Palkup – Elbow
  • Sonkut – Fingertips
  • Sombadak – Palm 

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