Welcome back

Welcome back grading

I hope to be hosting a welcome back grading in June or July. Can students let me know when they would like the grading to be held.

grading a will then happen every 3 months (September 2021, December 2021, March 2022 and April 2022)

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

We will be recommencing training on Wednesday 2nd September although the format and the lesson structure will change to reflect current Covid recommendations

Lesson timings

6:00pm to 6:30pm – Generation X lesson

6:30 to 7:30 10th Kup to 6th Kup lesson

7:30 to 8:30 5th Kups and above lesson

8:30 to 9:00 1st Kup and above black belt training

changes that need to be considered

  • The maximum room capacity is 12 students plus 2 instructors
  • Parents are welcome to stay as long as the maximum capacity is not exceeded
  • Can you all arrive in your doboks and come with suitable shoes as these will need to be worn throughout the lesson
  • Can you make sure you bring your own water bottle and try and keep your personal belonging to a minimal
  • can all students bring a towel so they can wipe themselves down
  • Make sure you wash your hands before the lesson starts and throughout the lesson
  • Breaking and pad work will be kept to a minimal
  • step sparring will only be conducted within family groups
  • free sparring will not happen until further notice.
  • Students will be lined up and kept 2m apart at all times
  • students are welcome to wear face covering although this is not required by the BTC or the UKITF
  • If you show any symptoms can you let me know and stay at home for the safety of all at leicester Taekwon-Do
  • Lessons will only run once a week now
  • The lesson will focus more on line work to maintain social distancing
  • There will be a new pay structure to reflect the once a week lessons.
  • the lesson timings are subject to change and will reflect the number of students

There will be an on-going risk assessment and lessons etc. are subject to change to keep all participants safe.

I will explain more in person when I see you all on Wednesday 2nd September. Until then keep safe.

Finally, I would thank you all for your support and patience over the last 6 months and i know the next 6 months will be difficult but I know as a club we will get through it

Take Care



Hi all,

As the government is now allowing gyms to reopen and Leicester city are easing restrictions I have decided that we At Leicester Taekwon-Do will reopen in September 2020.

More details to follow with regards to class timings etc. Once I have had a final few questions answered by the venues.

We will only be training once a week due to a change in my personal circumstances. Most likely a Wednesday evening.

I will also be piloting a new way of paying in light of the COVID risk assessment from the BTC and UKITF. More details to follow soon.

Thank you once again for your patience and support over the last few months

Take care


Zoom sessions

Over the next few session, I will be focusing on movements from these patterns. It will not be learning the patterns just explaining and practising movements from the patterns so all are still welcome to attend.

Monday 29th – Do San (green tag pattern)

Friday 3rd – Yuk Gok (Blue tag pattern)

Monday 6th – Choong-Moo (Black tags pattern)

Friday 10th – Choi Yong ( 3rd Degree pattern)



Promotions – 20th June 2020

A huge congratulations to the following members of Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy who were promoted on Saturday 20th June 2020

Conread Mumford Promoted to 7th Kup

Quinn Mumford Promoted to 7th Kup

Jake Mumford Promoted to 7th Kup

Andy Fisher Promoted to 7th Kup

Ahmed Latif Promoted to 7th Kup

Maddox Pritchard Promoted to 7th Kup

Gareth Pritchard Promoted to 7th Kup

Taha Mirza Promoted to 5th Kup

Charlie Mikheev-Clark Promoted to 4th Kup

Esther Aylett Promoted to 1st Kup

Reanne Salisbury Promoted to 1st Kup

Zoe Wells Promoted to 1st Kup

They all performed very well in very strange circumstances and I look forward to delivering their new belts with their certificates.

Well done all. 🙂

Promotion grading

On Saturday 20th June 2020 we had our most recent Kup grading. This was a one off grading as the Kup Grading from March was postponed due to Corona Virus. Even though many of the students have still been training online I understand that maintaining a good standard can be hard. I am very happy to announce that everyone passed and many passed at a good standard!!

As with all areas of Taekwon-Do there are always areas that can be improved.

  1. Self defense drill. These need to be performed as if they are the real thing. GM Nicholls asks that they are performed as if you are actually defensing yourself therefore the stance and technique needs to reflect this point. Many of your Taekwon-Do theory still allies but in a more self defense scenario. We need to remember to let the techniques flow.

2. There were a few times when the wrong section was used. if the technique is middle section then it finished at shoulder line etc. These corrections are important for the art side of the Taekwon-Do technique. Therefore they need to be know.

3. Remembering the reaction hands in most techniques.The reaction hand is important as it gives the body a equilibrium

4. Remember that we go through the start position and that the start position is there to allow the movement to generate the maximum amount of power

5. When performing a technique it is paramount that you fully understand the application of the technique. We need to know why and what the purpose of the technique is in order to correctly perform it.

6. Step sparring will be completed in the next grading

7. Power tests will be undertaken in the next grading for all those who need to do breaking to pass.

Overall the standard was very high and everyone did themselves proud. Well done to all.

Well done to all

Regional training

Just a reminder that there will be the next Zoom regional training session on Sunday 21st June 2020.
The timings are provisionally but I aim to go for these.

10:00am – 10:40am

10:45am – 11:30am

Guest Zoom Instructors

Monday zoom meetings guest instructors:-

Monday 8th June 2020 – Mr John Short III Dan
Monday 15th June 2020- Mr Nathan Pearson III Dan.

Please try your hardest to support these events.

Links and passwords will be sent closer to the time.