To pass your grading will have to demonstrate:

  • Moves from previous grading
  • Twin Forearm Block in L Stance
  • Forearm Guarding Block
  • Knife Hand Guarding Block
  • Dan-Gun Tul
  • Chonji Tul T
  • Three Step Sparring
  • Three Step Semi Free Sparring


  1. How many moves in Dan-Gun?
  • 21
  1. What is the meaning of Dan-Gun?
  • Dan-Gun is named after Dan-Gun, the founder of Korea
  1. What is the Korean name for knife hand?
  • Sonkal
  1. What is forearm guarding block in Korean?
  • Palmok daebi makgi
  1. What is front snap kick, double punch in Korean?
  • Ap cha busigi, doo Jurigi
  1. How many blocks are there in Dan-Gun?
  • Four (have to be able to show what they are)

Additional Theory

Meaning of Dan-Gun

Dan-Gun is named after the holy Dan-Gun, the legendary founder of Korea in the year 2333 BC

New moves/Terminology

  • Sang Palmok Makgi – Twin Forearm Block.
  • Palmok Daebi Makgi – Forearm Guarding Block
  • Sonkal Daebi Makgi – Knife hand Guarding Block
  • Ap cha Busigi, Doo Jirugi – Front snap kick double punch
  • Balkal Foot sword

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