To pass your grading will have to demonstrate:

  • Sitting Stance Double Punch (ten times)
  • Leg Raising exercise (10 times)
  • Ten Press-ups (bending arms)
  • Pattern -Chon-ji Tul
  • Walking Stance Middle Punch
  • Walking Stance Middle Block
  • Walking Stance Middle Block, then a Reverse Punch
  • Walking Stance Low block, Rising Block
  • Front Kick Double Punch
  • Three step Sparring

Theory Questions

  1. How many moves in Chonji?
  • 19
  1. Can you tell me anything about Chonji?
  • The first pattern played by the beginner. Means the Heaven and the Earth.
  1. What does yellow belt signify?
  • The earth where the plant takes root
  1. What are your new moves?
  • Inward Block,
  • Back Fist,
  • Front Snap Kick and Double Punch

Additional Theory

Interpretation (meaning) of Chon-ji

  • Chon-ji means literally “the Heaven the Earth”. It is in the orient, interpreted as the creation of the world or beginning of human history, therefore, it is the initial pattern played by the beginner. This pattern consists of two similar parts; one to represent the Heaven the other the Earth.

Yellow Belt signifies:

  • The earth from which the plant sprouts and takes root as Tae Kwon Do foundations are laid

Meaning of a pattern:

  • A Pattern is a sequence of attacking and defensive movements against an imaginary opponent or opponents, enabling the use of full force if required.

Name of a pattern:

  • Tul

New Moves/Terminology

  • Sonkal Yop Taerigi – Knife hand Side Strike
  • Bakat Palmok – Outer Forearm
  • Anuro Makgi – Inward Block.
  • Chookyo Makgi – Rising Block
  • Ap Chagi – Front Kick
  • Ap Cha Bushigi – Front Snap Kick
  • Doo Jirugi – Double Punch
  • Dung Joomuk Neiryo Taerigi – Back Fist Downward Strike

Extension- to be able to name the moves in Korean


  • L-Stance, outer forearm inward block, back fist downward strike = Niunja sogi, bakat palmok anuro makgi, dung joomuk neiryo taerigi
  • L-Stance, inner forearm middle block, knife hand side strike = Niunja sogi, an palmok kaunde makgi, sonkal yop taerigi

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