1ST KUP Grade SHEET – RED BELT – Black Tag

1ST KUP Grade SHEET – RED BELT – Black Tag

To pass you grading you will have to demonstrate:

  • Moves and patterns from your previous gradings
  • Choong Moo
  • Hand and Kicking Power against a Bag/Board
  • Combinations up and down the floor.
  • Ability to put together and communicate combinations to other students..
  • Free Sparring – including 2 against 1
  • One Step Sparring
  • A high level of fitness


  1. How many moves in Choong Moo ?
  • 30
  1. Can you tell me anything about Choong Moo?
  • CHOONG MOO Was the given name of the great Admiral Yi Sun Sin of the Yi dynasty. He was reputed to have invented the worlds firts armoured battleship ( Kobukson ) which was the precursor to the modern day submarine, in 1592AD. The reason this pattern ends with a left handed attack is to symbolise his regrettable death having no chance to show his unrestrained potentiality checked by his forced reservation of his loyalty to the king.
  1. What does Black Belt signify?
  • Opposite of White.
  1. Demonstrate how many new moves they know?

Additional Theory

Black Belt signifies: Black is opposite from white, therefore signifying the maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon Do, and also indicates the wearers imperviousness to darkness and fear.. 

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