Master Wood VIII Dan Visits the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy

On Saturday 16th August the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy was lucky enough to have the pleasure of Master M Wood VIII Dan visiting. Master Wood came from Nottingham to help Mr Nick Overton V Dan with the new UKITF syllabus.

Master WoodThe mini seminar started at 1.30 with Master Wood saying a few words about not being nervous and reassuring all members that we are all here to learn from each other.

After this the lesson commenced with a light warm up before we started the main part of the seminar. The next hour was spent looking at the 7 different self defence drills that there are within the UKITF syablus.

To conclude, Master Wood ran through the 4 kicking drill. The first 2 the students participated in and the final 2 were demeostarted by Mr Nick Overton.

After the session had finished Master Wood stopped to answer questions and a light lunch was provided for all who attended by Mr David Martin.

As the instructor  of the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy I would like to extend a huge thank you to Master Wood for taking time to attend the seminar. Mr David Martin for providing the lunch and for setting the room up and all the other members of the South Leicester Taekwon-Do school who attended and made this a successful day.

I hope this is the first of many sessions that Master Wood will conduct and we at South Leicester Taekwon-Do look forward to training with him in Nottingham in the future.

More details can be found on the following links Wood 2

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