4th Degree and above training

On Saturday 7th March and Sunday 8th March Mr Nicholas Overton Travelled down the  UKITF headquarter to train with Grandmaster Nicholls IX Dan. Throughout the day he met with many other fellow international instructors whilst they practised 4th, 5th and 6th Degree patterns.

The first day was dedicated to 4th degree patterns. The patterns were explained in detail for application and focus, then we broke into groups and tried the application of these technique against a pad.

Saturday evening all members went for a meal in a local restaurant were the community spirt continued and all members got to learn a little more about each other.

The second day, the Sunday, was put aside for 5th and 6th Degree patterns. all emender praised there pattern and listen to Grandmaster Nicholls as he explained the application of various moves.

After the seminar had come to an end and all members had completed their 10 hours of training, Grandmaster Nicholls took a few minutes to clarify 1 step sparring.

The seminar ended with a picture.

4th degree


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