Sunday 13th September 2015

Date: 13th September 2015

Time 11am to 2pm

Venue: Southfields Drive Sports Centre, Leicester

cost: £6 per session or £10 for both

UK ITF™ Region 5 Technical is to commence at 11:00 till 12:30 & is open to all UKITF members 4th Kup and above. Squad is to commence at 12:30 till 14:00 & is open to all grades.

Region 5 Training

In line with UK ITF procedures we have scheduled Region 5 training session. This will be over seen by your regional representation. Any UK ITF student wishing to promote or who is considering international tournaments should attend both Technical and Squad Sessions. Please make sure you keep written evidence of your attendance in order to support your promotion or international tournaments. you can obtain an attendance card from your instructor or via this website. You are also required to have a current UK ITF membership.

Technical training – is open to 4th Kup and above

Squad training – is open to 10th Kup and above

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