Region 5 training – February

On Saturday 13th February the Leicester Taekwon-Do academy hosted its first region 5 technical and squad session of 2016. The session was attended by 12 members of either; The Leicester Taekwon-Do academy or the Eastwood Taekwon-Do Academy, from Nottingham.

The session started with Master M Wood VIII Dan welcoming all members. Master Wood VIII Dan then took the class though some fundamental basic movements where he emphasised there need to practise every move like it was part of their black belt grading. The student responded well and gave 100%. After the fundamental movements, all the students moved on step sparring and then on to bag work and breaking. To finish some members were allowed to sparring and the senior colour belts were taken off by Master Wood VIII Dan to look at the Red/Black Patten – Choong-Moo.

After the first 2 hours, everyone lined up to be dismissed. Mr Nick Overton, on behalf of all members of region 5, presented Master Wood VIII Dan with a bouquet of flowers for his wife, Jean, who was very ill of late.

The colour belts were dismissed and 6 black belts members remained for a further hour where they were taken through their respective patterns.

First, Region 5 would like to extend our heart felt best wishes to Master Wood and wife, Jean. Wishing her a speedy recovery

Secondly, Thank you to Master Wood VIII dan and Mr N Overton V Dan for taking the session and for sharing their knowledge.

Until March


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