Self Defence Seminar

On Saturday 1st November 2014,  6 members of the the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy travelled to Nottingham to take part in the first UKITF Self defence Workshop being held by Master Wood VIII Dan and members of the Eastwood Taekwon-Do academy .

Master WoodThe session started with Master Wood explaining the basic and then looking at some simple releases from holds. We then moved on the some basic self defence if people were to grab you or to attach you from behind.

Master wood then finished by showing us a taster of what we should expect from the next session.

All 6 members enjoyed the seminar and I would like to express my thanks to Master Wood VIII Dan for the instruction and the other black belts from Eastwood Taekwon-Do academy for helping and their extra input to Master Wood’s explainations.

The following people attended

  • Nick Overton V Dan
  • David Martin II Dan
  • Micheal Martin I Dan
  • Roger Bradbury I Dan
  • Mark Button 4th Kup
  • Samuel Bradsworth 8th Kup


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