Region 5 (Midlands) Regional training – Sunday 12th June

In line with UK ITF procedures we have scheduled a Region 5 (Midlands) training session. This will be over seen by Master Wood VIII Dan and Mr Overton V Dan. Any UK ITF student wishing to promote should attend this. You are also required to have a current UK ITF membership.

DATE: Sunday 12th June 2016

11am – 1pm – Technical Training – is open to grades.

11pm – 2pm – Senior Technical Training – This is open to black tags and above

Sessions cost: £10

Self Defence Seminar

On Saturday 1st November 2014,  6 members of the the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy travelled to Nottingham to take part in the first UKITF Self defence Workshop being held by Master Wood VIII Dan and members of the Eastwood Taekwon-Do academy .

Master WoodThe session started with Master Wood explaining the basic and then looking at some simple releases from holds. We then moved on the some basic self defence if people were to grab you or to attach you from behind.

Master wood then finished by showing us a taster of what we should expect from the next session.

All 6 members enjoyed the seminar and I would like to express my thanks to Master Wood VIII Dan for the instruction and the other black belts from Eastwood Taekwon-Do academy for helping and their extra input to Master Wood’s explainations.

The following people attended

  • Nick Overton V Dan
  • David Martin II Dan
  • Micheal Martin I Dan
  • Roger Bradbury I Dan
  • Mark Button 4th Kup
  • Samuel Bradsworth 8th Kup


Master Wood visiting the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy

On Saturday 16th August the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy is proud to welcome Master M Wood to Leicester to conduct a lesson. The lesson will take place at Southfield Drive community centre and is due to start at 1.30pm. The session is due to finish around 3pm and we will be covering; patterns, self defence and basic sparring

All are welcome, please come along and help make this a successful visit for Master Wood’s.

Other enquiries please contact Mr Nick Overton


Master Nicholls Seminar

imagesOn saturday 28th june 20914 Mr Nick Overton V Dan and 4 members of the Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy travelled to Nottingham to participate in a Regional Master Seminar with Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan (Now IX Dan) and Master Michael Wood VII Dan (Now VIII Dan) .

During the seminar all particpants where pushed to their limits learning about 1 step sparring, sparring drills and then fishing off with some self defence and some basic moves.

The Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy would like to extend their thanks to Master Nicholls VIII Dan and Master Wood VII Dan for their technical expertise. Also we would like to thank Mrs Sarah Harris IV Dan for organising the event.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable seminar and one I hope will become a permeant fixture in the UKITF calendar.

Master Nicholls Seminar – 28th June

imagesWe are very excited to announce Region 5 Third Seminar to be held by Master Nicholls 8th Degree, Executive Director of your Association UKITF and General Secretary of the ITF and one of the most successful ITF Instructors in the World. This annual event is becoming very popular with students from all over the country.

Master Nicholls 8th Degree has hosted a multitude of seminars all over the world. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity again and we need to make this a fanatic event. If you would like to gain more knowledge of your practice and enjoy the experience of training with a Master of ITF Taekwon do.

DATE: 28th June 2014

VENUE: Rutland Sports Park, Westend Drive, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5GH.

TIME: 11:00 to 13:00 (students to be at Venue for 10:30)

Anyone who is interested in attending should let Nick Overton know my Thursday 19th June. The seminar costs £20. Not a lot to train with one of the World’s most experienced Taekwon- Do instructors.