Kihaps in Patterns

Kihaps in Patterns up to 1st Degree 
The performance of Patterns now includes a ‘Kihap’ at key points. The listing below explains which moves now include ‘Kihaps’.

  • Chon-Ji: Movement 17 – 2nd Forwards Front Punch
  • Dan-Gun: Movement 8 – High Punch before Twin Forearm Block and Movement 17 – Last Rising Block
  • Do-San: Movement 6 – Straight Fingertip Thrust and Movement 22 – Last Rising Block
  • Won-Hyo: Movement 12 – Straight Fingertip Thrust
  • Yul-Gok: Movement 24 and 27 – Both Front Elbow Strikes and Movement 36 Jumping Back-fist
  • Joong-Gun: Movement 12 – Twin Upset Punch
  • Toi-Gye: Movement 29 – Jumping X-Fist Pressing Block
  • Hwa-Rang: Movement 14 – Last Walking Stance Middle Section Punch before spin Knife-hand Guarding Block and Movement 25 Right Side Elbow Thrust
  • Choong – Moo: Movement 9 – on the execution of the Knife Hand Guarding Block when landing from Flying Side Kick and Movement 19 – on the landing Knife Hand Guarding Block from the jump spin technique

Sunday 15th January 2017

In line with UK ITF procedures we have scheduled a technical and squad training session. This will be overseen by your regional representation. Open to UK ITF members, any student wishing to promote should attend these sessions.

Attendance cards can be down loaded here, please ask the instructor to sign after the session

I Degree II Degree III Degree

IV Degree IV Degree VI Degree

Your instructor will advise when your applicable for promotion. You are also required to have in place current membership and insurance.

Minimum Training – Reminder

Below is the time frame for minimum training between grades

10th Kup to 9th Kup 1 session 4th kup to 3rd kup 2 sessions
9th kup to 8th kup 1 session 3rd Kup to 2nd Kup 3 sessions
8th kup to 7th kup 1 session 2nd Kup to 1st Kup 3 sessions
7th kup to 6th kup 2 sessions 1st Kup to 1st Dan 4 sessions.
6th kup to 5th kup 2 sessions 1st Dan to 2nd Dan 12 sessions
5th kup to 4th kup 2 sessions 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan 16 sessions

Region 5 (Midlands) Regional training – Sunday 12th June

In line with UK ITF procedures we have scheduled a Region 5 (Midlands) training session. This will be over seen by Master Wood VIII Dan and Mr Overton V Dan. Any UK ITF student wishing to promote should attend this. You are also required to have a current UK ITF membership.

DATE: Sunday 12th June 2016

11am – 1pm – Technical Training – is open to grades.

11pm – 2pm – Senior Technical Training – This is open to black tags and above

Sessions cost: £10