Kihaps in Patterns

Kihaps in Patterns up to 1st Degree 
The performance of Patterns now includes a ‘Kihap’ at key points. The listing below explains which moves now include ‘Kihaps’.

  • Chon-Ji: Movement 17 – 2nd Forwards Front Punch
  • Dan-Gun: Movement 8 – High Punch before Twin Forearm Block and Movement 17 – Last Rising Block
  • Do-San: Movement 6 – Straight Fingertip Thrust and Movement 22 – Last Rising Block
  • Won-Hyo: Movement 12 – Straight Fingertip Thrust
  • Yul-Gok: Movement 24 and 27 – Both Front Elbow Strikes and Movement 36 Jumping Back-fist
  • Joong-Gun: Movement 12 – Twin Upset Punch
  • Toi-Gye: Movement 29 – Jumping X-Fist Pressing Block
  • Hwa-Rang: Movement 14 – Last Walking Stance Middle Section Punch before spin Knife-hand Guarding Block and Movement 25 Right Side Elbow Thrust
  • Choong – Moo: Movement 9 – on the execution of the Knife Hand Guarding Block when landing from Flying Side Kick and Movement 19 – on the landing Knife Hand Guarding Block from the jump spin technique

Minimum Training – Reminder

Below is the time frame for minimum training between grades

10th Kup to 9th Kup 1 session 4th kup to 3rd kup 2 sessions
9th kup to 8th kup 1 session 3rd Kup to 2nd Kup 3 sessions
8th kup to 7th kup 1 session 2nd Kup to 1st Kup 3 sessions
7th kup to 6th kup 2 sessions 1st Kup to 1st Dan 4 sessions.
6th kup to 5th kup 2 sessions 1st Dan to 2nd Dan 12 sessions
5th kup to 4th kup 2 sessions 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan 16 sessions