Sunday 15th January 2017

In line with UK ITF procedures we have scheduled a technical and squad training session. This will be overseen by your regional representation. Open to UK ITF members, any student wishing to promote should attend these sessions.

Attendance cards can be down loaded here, please ask the instructor to sign after the session

I Degree II Degree III Degree

IV Degree IV Degree VI Degree

Your instructor will advise when your applicable for promotion. You are also required to have in place current membership and insurance.

Minimum Training – Reminder

Below is the time frame for minimum training between grades

10th Kup to 9th Kup 1 session 4th kup to 3rd kup 2 sessions
9th kup to 8th kup 1 session 3rd Kup to 2nd Kup 3 sessions
8th kup to 7th kup 1 session 2nd Kup to 1st Kup 3 sessions
7th kup to 6th kup 2 sessions 1st Kup to 1st Dan 4 sessions.
6th kup to 5th kup 2 sessions 1st Dan to 2nd Dan 12 sessions
5th kup to 4th kup 2 sessions 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan 16 sessions

Christmas Extravaganza

Leicester Taekwon-Do will be holding theirannual Christmas extravaganza on Saturday 10th December 2016. To celebrate another year of Taekwon-do in Leicester we are putting on an inflatable assault course for all to enjoy. There will also be some light food and refreshments provided as part of the celebration. This is an event that is for all.

Please feel free to invite friends and family along.

The more the merrier!!

Date: Saturday 10th December 2016

Cost: £6 per person/ 2 people is £10 and a family of 3 or more is £15.

Time: The festivities start at 6pm and will be concluded by 8:30pm

Patterns – How do they end?


END: Bring the left foot back to Parallel Ready Stance


END: Bring the left foot back to Parallel Ready Stance


END: Bring the right foot back to Parallel Ready Stance.


END: Bring the right foot back to Closed Ready Stance A


END: Bring the left foot back to Parallel Ready Stance.


END: Bring the left foot back to CLOSED READY STANCE B


END: Bring the right foot back to Closed Ready Stance B


END: Bring the right foot back to Closed Ready Stance C


END: Bring the left foot back to Parallel Ready Stance

January Taekwon-Do Grading – 28th Jan 2015

On January 28th Leicester Taekwon-Do had its first Kup grading of the year. 11 people took part in the examination and all performed well.

They were asked to perform the following as part of their grading:-

  1. Patterns up to their grade
  2. Set sparring – 1/2 and 3 step sparing routines.
  3. Free sparring including 2 onto 1
  4. Theory questions linked to their grade
  5. Breaking or power tests against a bag

After the grading had finished the black belts were asked to sum up their thoughts and all agreed that all had performed well and I am pleased to announce the following promotions:-

  • Ethan Chan  to 9th Kup 
  • Iganas Bagdanavicius to 8th Kup
  • Sam Bradsworth to 7th Kup
  • Adil Butt to 6th Kup
  • Suzanne Ralphson to 5th Kup
  • Aman Pancer to 4th Kup
  • Liam Culpin to 4th Kup
  • Mark Button to 3rd Kup

As well as this, I would like to congrats the following people on undertaking their grading too. All 3 of these members have transferred from the TAGB recently and this grading was to confirm their status as 1st Kup

  • Izaak Jankowski – 1st Kup
  • Jakob Jankowski –  1st Kup
  • Janusz Jankowski – 1st Kup

Finally I would like to extend my thanks to the following black belts for support the grading and for helping me make the decisions:-

  • Mr David Martin II Dan
  • Mr Michael Martin I Dan
  • Mr Edan Tyson I Dan

Congratulations to all. I now know that all members of the club are training hard for their next grading!!

Again, well done all.